Works council

Works council

The works council’s task is to ensure that employees are able to exercise their right to participate and to contribute to good communication between the management and employees.

Memebers of the council 


  • Øystein Thøgersen, leader
  • Gunnar Christensen
  • Elise Kongsvik
  • Tove Gjesdahl    


  • Sigrid-Lise Nonås, Forskerforbundet (Norwegian Association of Researchers) 
  • Astri Inga Kamsvåg, Forskerforbundet (Norwegian Association of Researchers)
  • Lone Haugsvær, Parat 
  • Lene Tangerås Grønevik, Akademikerne
  • Maj-Brit Iden (NTL)

The committtee secretary is Tove Gjesdahl, Office of Human Resources.