FIBE's Important Role

FIBE's Important Role

Since 1984, FIBE has established itself as one of the most important national meeting places for teachers and researchers in business administration subjects.

The conference enables researchers, and particularly younger researchers, to have the opportunity of presenting and discussing their work.

FIBE has primarily two key roles in business administration research. Firstly, researchers can use the conference as an arena of discussion and as a first step towards the publication of their research. In this way FIBE is a tool for research that is still at an early stage.

Secondly, the conference is a forum in which the Norwegian academic community is informed about new research through the presentation of already published or approved work. Thus, FIBE contributes to two parallel processes. It helps promote research in progress and it keeps the academic community updated.

Since 1996, the publisher Cappelen Akademisk Forlag has financed an award for best contribution to research at the FIBE conference. From FIBE 2012 the award has been jointly financed by the publishers Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Fagbokforlaget, Gyldendal Akademisk og Universitetsforlaget. The award competition is open to researchers who are under 40 years of age on the application deadline date. 

FIBE also provides an opportunity to network and is a social arena in which people discuss disciplines, rekindle old acquaintances and make new contacts. In recent years the conference has attracted more than 200 participants.

The FIBE conference has established itself as the key meeting place for the Norwegian business administration research and higher education community. It raises topical research themes and trends, aims to strengthen and stimulate research, and develop networks between researchers from different educational and research institutions. 


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