Awards at fibe

Awards at fibe

Two awards are presented at FIBE: The annual Publisher's Award and the biennial Odd Nordhaug's memorial award or Beta Award.


Since 1996, the publisher Cappelen Akademisk Forlag has financed an award for best research contribution at the FIBE conference.

From FIBE 2012 the award has been jointly financed by the publishers Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Fagbokforlaget, Gyldendal Akademisk and Universitetsforlaget.

The prize is NOK 20,000 and is awarded during the conference. The award competition is open to researchers who are under 40 years of age on the application deadline date. In the event of multiple authors, all the authors must satisfy the age requirement.

A dedicated award committee, appointed by the NHH's Board, will assess the submitted research work.

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  • Previous Publisher's Award Winners

    Previous Publisher's Award Winners


    Nataliya Gerasimova and Damiano Maggi, Department of Finance, NHH

    And the AR goes to..... Shock to Brand Capital: Evidence from the Oscars


    Mai Nguyen-Ones, Department of Business and Management Science, NHH

    Price Coordination with Prior Announcements in Retail Gasoline Markets


    Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen and Ivan Belik, Department of Strategy and Management, NHH

    The Dark Side of an Interconnected User Base: Network Firms and the Vulnerability of Rapid Decline


    Assistant Professor Floris Tobias Zoutman, Department of Business and Management Science, NHH and Sanders Renes, Deparment of Business Economics, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam:

    As Easy as ABC? Multidimensional Screening in Public Finance


    Associate Professor Bogdan Stacescu, Department of Finance, BI Norwegian Business School:

    Collateral and Informed Screening During Banking Relationships


    PhD Students Synne Almaas and Line Bystrøm, Department of Economics, NTNU:

    Home Equity-Based Refinancing and Household Financial Difficulties: The Case of Norway


    Assistant Professor Tyler Hull, Department of Finance, NHH:

    Do local and international venture capitalists play well together? A study of international venture capital investments


    PhD Student Burak Tunca, School of Business and Law, University of Agder:

    “You are who your friends’ brands are”: Norwegian adolescents’ self-connections to peers’ brands


    Associate Professor Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, NHH:

    Investing with Brain or Heart? A Field Experiment on Responsible Investment


    Associate Professor Kristoffer W. Eriksen, University of Stavanger:

    Myopic risk-taking in tournaments


    Professor Helge Thorbjørnsen, Department of Strategy and Management, NHH:

    Reconsidering the Present Bias and Temporal Discounting: Consumers' (Unrealistic) Optimism About the Future


    Adjunct Assistant Professor Jonas Gaudernack, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, NHH:

    Cue Combinations in Control Risk Judgements


    PhD Student Jon Bingen Sande, Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences:

    Common knowledge in buyer-supplier relationships and its moderating effects on the relationship between environmental uncertainty and relational contracts


    PhD Student Helge A. Nordahl, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Valuation of Life Insurance Surrender and Exchange Options


    Associate Professor Steen Koekebakker, Agder University College, and Professor Fred Espen Benth, University of Oslo:

    Stochastic Modelling of Financial Electricity Contracts

    PhD Student Trond Døskeland, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Strategic Asset Allocation for Countries with Depleting Natural Resources


    No prize was awarded

    The Academic Award Committee concluded that none of the received papers could be categorized as outstanding.


    Associate Professor Mattias Hamberg, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, NHH:

    When are Companies Taken Public? An Examination of Operating and Capital Market Performances


    PhD Students Arne-Christian Lund and Fridthjof Ollmar, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Analysing Flexible load Contracts in the Energy Market


    Associate Professor Jøril Mæland, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Valuation of an Irreversible Investment: Asymmetric Information about a Stochastic Investment Cost


    Associate Professor Mette Bjørndal, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH, and Professor Kurt Jörnsten, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Revenue Cap Regulation in a Deregulated Electricity Market - Effects on a Grid Company


    Lecturer Ellen Katrine Nyhus, Agder University College:

    Determinants of subjective discount rates and indifference thresholds


    PhD Student Iver Bragelien, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Asset ownership and implicit contracts


    Lecturer Kåre Sandvik, Buskerud University College and Professor Kjell Grønhaug, Department of Strategy and Management, NHH:

    Do you know your customers? The moderating effect of market orientation


    PhD Student Vidar Schei, Department of Organization Management, NHH and Professor Jørn Rognes, Department of Organization Management, NHH:

    The Negotiators Dilemma: Choosing a Cooperative or an Individualistic Orientation?


    PhD Student Bjørn Eraker, Department of Finance and Management Science, NHH:

    Option pricing when the underlying asset follows a switching regime process


Professor Odd Nordhaug. Archive photo.
NHH Professor Odd Nordhaug photographed in 2007.

This award was established in honour of Odd Nordhaug’s (1953–2013) great contributions to research in general and, in particular, to the dissemination of Scandinavian research.

Odd Nordhaug was a professor at the Department of Strategy and Management at NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and he was the editor of Beta: Scandinavian Journal of Business Research for many years.

The Odd Nordhaug Memorial Award was presented for the first time at FIBE 2015. The award is presented by the Department of Strategy and Management at NHH and was established in cooperation with Beta: Scandinavian Journal of Business Research.

The award also includes a prize of NOK 20,000.

The Odd Nordhaug memorial award is presented every other year and is awarded on the basis of an article characterised by good professional work with a solid basis in scientific method and available research.

To be considered for the award, the article must also be interesting to peers outside the researcher’s own field and be characterised by clear and good dissemination.

  • Previous Beta Winners

    Previous Beta Winners


    Professor Norvald Monsen, Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, NHH: 
    'Regnskap for ideelle og offentlige organisasjoner. En empirisk og teoretisk studie med utgangpunkt i Raftostiftelsens regnskap.'


    Professor Einar Breivik, Department of Strategy and Management, NHH:
    ‘Relationship age: abundance of meaning or just a point in time’
    Published in Beta 1-2016


    Professor Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe, Professor Lena Mossberg and Professor Kjell Grønhaug:
    ‘Country images in news media’
    Published in Beta 1-2014.

The FIBE conference has established itself as the key meeting place for the Norwegian business administration research and higher education community. It raises topical research themes and trends, aims to strengthen and stimulate research, and develop networks between researchers from different educational and research institutions. 


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