Classroom Locations ECS556 "Advanced Microeconometrics"

22 August 2017 14:32

(updated: 22 August 2017 14:37)

Classroom Locations ECS556 "Advanced Microeconometrics"

Below, you will find a basic guide to where the different classrooms are located.

Overview over NHH
Overview over NHH

All lectures will take place in the NHH building (NHH on Google maps). The Karl Borch auditorium is located to the very right on the ground floor, as indicated by the yellow arrow in the map marked "Karl Borch". It is most straightforward to access the auditorium via Entrance C ("Studentinngang"). From the entrance, walk past the staircase down a few steps until you have a book shop ("Akademika") on you right hand side. Turn right and walk to the very end of the corridor.

Location of the Karl Borch Auditorium
Location of the Karl Borch auditorium (right-click for larger picture)

The computer lab on Wednesday will take place in Lab 2. The room is located in the left part of the building, right across Entrance A. 

Location of Lab 2
Location of Lab 2 (right-click for larger picture)

The Thursday computer lab will take place in the Agnar Sandmo auditorium, which is located on the first floor in the middle of the building. From Entrance B, take the stairs to find the auditorium to your left. Elevators are available behind the glass door to the right of the stairs. 

Location of the Agnar Sandmo auditorium
Location of the Agnar Sandmo auditorium (right-click for larger picture)