Challenges to the translation of business texts – A comparison between different kinds of genres

Background information

St. Jerome was a 4th-century religious scholar, biblical translator and monastic leader. He is considered to be the “guardian angel” of translators since he was one of the first major reputable translators in our cultural sphere. He is known particularly for his translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin, creating the template for the Roman Catholic Church's Vulgate bible.  

His feast day September 30 is marked each year by translator environments worldwide.



Challenges to the translation of business texts – A comparison between different kinds of genres

In the past few decades the need for efficient and effective business communication has increased because of the rise of globalization and international trade, the ever-increasing migration, the recognition of linguistic minorities and the expansion of the use of digital marketing tools for the promotion of products and services to a global audience. Considering that only 28% of the entire European population and even less people in South America and Asia can read English, it is obvious that an effective communication of business matters relies on translation and translators. Their task, though, is a challenging one, not least because of the array of genres business texts include. Financial statements, annual reports, chartered account statements, business contracts and agreements, press releases and memos, but also promotional and marketing material, including website text, product and service descriptions, and multimedia advertisements all fall under the category of business texts. Naturally, the different genres pose different challenges and require different skillsets on the part of translators ranging from background and terminological research to transcreation. The presentation seeks to explore these challenges and skillsets and showcase the need for a comprehensive approach to the training of modern translators.

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