Andreas Ulfsten

PhD Candidate Andreas Ulfsten

+47 55 95 93 62
Accounting, Auditing and Law
Digital Business

Andreas Ulfsten is a Research Scholar at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He received his Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration in 2018, after co-authoring a master thesis on the topic of RPA-technology in Norwegian Municipalities. The thesis contributed to the FOCUS ACTION research project. In addition, he completed the Innovation School program at UC Berkeley as a part of his degree.

His research interests are mainly in the intersection between accounting and information systems where he aims to study the complex relationship between accounting and information technology. Specifically, what happens as accounting increasingly is intertwined with the digital in organizations and society. Currently he is particularly interested in what happens to managerial accounting and control in a world of big data.

His favored approach is qualitative analysis with attention to both localized practices of accounting in action and societal structures. Andreas is in addition an active contributor to the Centre for Digital Business and Audit which focuses on digital transformation of large corporations.

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