Are Oust

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Flått, Marte; Olaussen, Jon Olaf; Oust, Are; Sønstebø, Ole Jakob Hijacking the auction – seller's or buyer's curse? Journal of European Real Estate Research (18 pages); 2022
Helgaker, Eirik; Oust, Are; Pollestad, Arne Johan Adverse selection in iBuyer business models—don’t buy lemons! ZIÖ - Zeitschrift für Immobilienökonomie (30 pages); 2022
Reite, Endre Jo; Prestmo, Joakim Blix; Oust, Are Loan-to-Value Regulations on Mortgages and the Use and Refinancing of Unsecured Debt Journal of Real Estate Research (28 pages); 2022
Birkeland, Kristoffer; D'Silva, Allan Daniel; Füss, Roland August; Oust, Are The predictability of house prices: “human against machine” International Real Estate Review (IRER) Volume 24 (2); page 139 - 183; 2021
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