B. Espen Eckbo

Adjunct Professor B. Espen Eckbo

Corporate Finance Capital Markets Corporate Governance


Professor B Espen Eckbo is Adjunct Professor at NHH alongside his role as Tuck Centennial Chair Professor in Finance at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He is also Faculty Director of Tuck's Lindenauer Center for Corporate Governance (recently renamed Lindenauer Forum for Governance Research), which he founded in 1999 and Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI).
Professor Eckbo received a PhD in financial economics from the University of Rochester in 1981. He holds an honorary doctoral degree from NHH, as well as the prestigious Batterymarch Fellowship. He has won a number of outstanding paper awards and has published extensively in the top finance journals in the areas of corporate finance, investment banking, and the market for corporate control.

As an internationally leading researcher in finance, Professor Eckbo is a frequent keynote speaker and expert witness, and he has advised the U.S government, the Norwegian government, and the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. He has taught in the doctoral program at MIT and advanced MBA courses at UCLA and INSEAD. At NHH he teaches a doctoral course in corporate finance.

Curriculum Vitae

B. Espen Eckbo teaches a doctoral course in corporate finance at NHH.