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Associate Professor Daniel Johanson

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Accounting, Auditing and Law
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Daniel Johanson holds a position as associate professor at the Department of Accounting, Auditing, and Law, NHH since 2010. The position is in management accounting/management control. He has licentiate and doctoral degrees from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University in Sweden. He defended his PhD thesis in 2006. The PhD thesis provides evidence and theorizes about the use of accounting information by boards of directors. His subsequent research also relates to issues at the intersection of accounting and corporate governance. Daniel Johanson has been extensively involved in the Beyond Budgeting program at NHH, from its start in 2008. He also conducts research in for example management control configurations and the diffusion of management accounting innovations. As the head of teaching at the Department of Accounting, Auditing, and Law, Daniel Johanson has taught large courses at the undergraduate level as well as smaller courses at more advanced levels.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Johanson, Bjørn Daniel; Lepp, Sandra; Abbas, Adnan; Madsen, Dag Øivind The viral trajectory of a management idea: A longitudinal case study of the Balanced Scorecard in a Norwegian bank Cogent Business & Management Volume 10 (2) (0 pages); 2023
Johanson, Bjørn Daniel; Drevvatne, Birgit; Skredderhaugen, Mari; Madsen, Dag Øivind Økonomistyring og digitale verktøy: En deskriptiv analyse av Balansert Målstyring og Business Intelligence blant norske virksomheter Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse (1); 2023
Danilova, Kjersti Berg; Ulfsten, Andreas; Eikebrokk, Tom Roar; Iden, Jon; Johannessen, Trond Vegard; Johanson, Bjørn Daniel Explaining individual job performance in work from home (WFH) arrangements Information Technology and People (24 pages); 2022
Madsen, Dag Øivind; Johanson, Bjørn Daniel Benchmarking hotel industry Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing; page 290 - 293; 2022
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