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Skill-relatedness Human-Capital Labour mobility Industrial Dynamics


Bram Timmermans (01.10.1981) is a professor at the Department of Strategy and Management. Before joining NHH, Bram worked in the Norwegian institute sector as senior researcher at Agderforsknings’s Innovation Department and as associate professor in innovation studies at Aalborg University. 

Bram obtained a PhD in the economics of innovation from Aalborg University and received a MSc. in Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics from Aalborg University (2007) and a MSc. in Economic Geography (2004) at the University of Utrecht.

His main research interest lies within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, new venture team development and performance, labor mobility, team mobility, strategic human resource development, employee diversity, organization theory, relatedness and related variety, and industrial dynamics.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
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Knudsen, Eirik Sjåholm; Lien, Lasse B.; Timmermans, Bram; Wuebker, Robert The more things change, the more they stay the same: Demand-side responses to economic shocks Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) (0 pages); 2021
Knudsen, Eirik Sjåholm; Lien, Lasse B.; Timmermans, Bram; Belik, Ivan; Pandey, Sujit Stability in turbulent times? The effect of digitalization on the sustainability of competitive advantage Journal of Business Research Volume 128; page 360 - 369; 2021
Eftekhari, Nazanin; Timmermans, Bram New venture dissolution and the comobility of new venture teams Small Business Economics; page 1 - 20; 2021
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