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Professor Fred Schroyen

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Health Economics Risk and Insurance Economics


Fred Schroyen has been a professor in economics since 2005. He received his PhD degree in Economics from University of Leuven (Belgium) in 1994.

Fred’s major research interests are in the fields of risk and insurance economics, health economics and public economics.  He has published several articles in each of these fields, among them “The power of money: wealth effects in contests”, in Games and Economic Behavior (2016) (with Nicolas Treich), “Multidimensional screening in a monopolistic insurance market”, in the Geneva Risk and Insurance Review (2014) (with Pau Olivella), and "An alternative way to model merit good arguments" in the Journal of Public Economics (2005).

He was awarded the Golden Integral Award for excellence in teaching microeconomics in the NHH PhD programme.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Gravelle, Hugh; Schroyen, Fred Optimal hospital payment rules under rationing by waiting Journal of Health Economics Volume 70; 2020
Durmaz, Tunc; Schroyen, Fred Evaluating carbon capture and storage in a climate model with endogenous technical change Climate Change Economics Volume 11 (1); 2019
Schroyen, Fred; Aarbu, Karl Ove Attitudes Towards Large Income Risk in Welfare States: An International Comparison Economica Volume 85 (340); page 846 - 872; 2018
Schroyen, Fred; Treich, Nicolas The power of money: Wealth effects in contests Games and Economic Behavior Volume 100; page 46 - 68; 2016
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Optimisation, Applied Microeconomic Theory