Jens Bengtsson

Adjunct Associate Professor Jens Bengtsson

+47 55 95 91 59
Management Science Energy Shipping transport and logistics Capital Budgeting/Real Options Operations and Production Management Refinery Planning and Control

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Caspersen, Elise; Navrud, Ståle; Bengtsson, Jens Act locally? Are female online shoppers willing to pay to reduce the carbon footprint of last mile deliveries? International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (0 pages); 2021
Bengtsson, Jens; Flisberg, Patrik; Rønnqvist, Mikael; Bredstrøm, David Robust planning of blending activities at refineries Journal of the Operational Research Society Volume 64 (6); page 848 - 863; 2013
Bengtsson, Jens; Flisberg, Patrik; Rönnqvist, Mikael Robust Optimization and Uncertain Prices in an Oil Refinery Supply Chain SNF-rapport Volume 12 (14); 2012
Bengtsson, Jens; Nonås, Sigrid Lise Refinery planning and scheduling : an overview Energy, natural resources and environmental economics; page 115 - 130; 2010
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