Justin Valasek

Tenure-Track Associate Professor Justin Valasek

+47 55 95 98 68
Behavioural economics Development Economics Political Economy Public Choice

Justin Valasek is an associate professor at the NHH since September 2018. He received his PhD degree in Economics from Duke University in 2011.  After this he has completed postdocs at the European University Institute and WZB Berlin. 

His main research interests are in Applied Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics, Political Economy, Public Choice, Development and Behavioral Economics.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Midjord, Rune; Rodríguez Barraquer, Tomás; Valasek, Justin When voters like to be right: An analysis of the Condorcet Jury Theorem with mixed motives Journal of Economic Theory Volume 198 (0 pages); 2021
Dreher, Axel; Simon, Jenny; Valasek, Justin Optimal decision rules in multilateral aid funds The Review of International Organizations Volume 16; page 689 - 719; 2021
Duell, Dominik; Valasek, Justin Political polarization and selection in representative democracies Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Volume 168; page 132 - 165; 2019
Valasek, Justin Dynamic reform of public institutions: A model of motivated agents and collective reputation Journal of Public Economics Volume 168; page 94 - 108; 2018
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