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Kurt Jörnsten is a Professor in Management Science. Jörnsten received his Dr. Tech. degree in optimization from Linköping Institute of Technology in 1980. He was given the title Docent in 1983. Jörnsten has received honorary doctorates from Stockholm School of Economics and from Molde University College.

He is a co-founder of the international master program at NHH in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment (ENE).

Jörnsten has published widely in the field of Operational Research. His work includes both algorithmic issues as well as modelling. His international network is extensive, and he has many joint publications with researchers in Europe and North America. His main research interests are, at present, pricing in non-convex models, electricity markets, cooperative game theory and empirical use of the cost efficiency principle.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Babri, Sahar; Jørnsten, Kurt; Thorsen, Inge Heldal; Ubøe, Jan Modeling commuting flows via fixed components Transportation Science Volume 54 (5); page 1225 - 1237; 2020
Butsch, Alex; Jørnsten, Kurt; Kalcsics, Jörg A new Semi-Lagrangean Relaxation for the p-median problem Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences; 2020
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Fuglseth, Anna Mette; Grønhaug, Kjell; Jørnsten, Kurt Students’ Ability to Apply Their Knowledge in a Gaming Exercise: An Exploratory Study Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research Volume 62 (1); page 88 - 108; 2018
Ubøe, Jan; Andersson, Jonas; Jørnsten, Kurt; Lillestøl, Jostein Kåre; Sandal, Leif Kristoffer Statistical testing of bounded rationality with applications to the newsvendor model European Journal of Operational Research Volume 259 (1); page 251 - 261; 2017
Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt Critical objective function values in linear sum assignment problems Journal of combinatorial optimization Volume 35 (3); page 842 - 852; 2017
Guajardo, Mario; Hopland, Arnt Ove; Jørnsten, Kurt On cooperative game theory, taxation, and a boys’ night out with unhappy ending Beta Volume 31 (2); page 159 - 169; 2017
Babri, Sahar; Jørnsten, Kurt; Viertel, Michael Application of gravity models with a fixed component in the international trade flows of coal, iron ore and crude oil Maritime Economics & Logistics Volume 19 (2); page 334 - 351; 2017
Guajardo, Mario; Jørnsten, Kurt The Stable Tournament Problem: Matching sports schedules with preferences Operations Research Letters Volume 45 (5); page 461 - 466; 2017
Briskorn, Dirk; Jørnsten, Kurt; Nossack, Jenny Pricing combinatorial auctions by a set of linear price vectors OR Spectrum: quantitative approaches in management Volume 38 (4); page 1043 - 1070; 2016
Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt The method of leader's overthrow in networks based on shapley value Socio-Economic Planning Sciences Volume 56; page 55 - 66; 2016
Briskorn, Dirk; Jørnsten, Kurt; Zeise, Philipp A pricing scheme for combinatorial auctions based on bundle sizes Computers & Operations Research Volume 70; page 9 - 17; 2016
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Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt A Comparative Analysis of the NHH and BI Networks Beta Volume 29 (2); page 123 - 156; 2015
Guajardo, Mario; Jørnsten, Kurt; Rønnqvist, Mikael Constructive and blocking power in collaborative transportation OR Spectrum: quantitative approaches in management Volume 38 (1); page 25 - 50; 2015
Jørnsten, Kurt; Klose, Andreas An improved Lagrangian relaxation and dual ascent approach to facility location problems Computational Management Science Volume 13 (3); page 317 - 348; 2015
Guajardo, Mario; Jørnsten, Kurt Common mistakes in computing the nucleolus European Journal of Operational Research Volume 241 (3); page 931 - 935; 2015
Bredstrøm, David; Jørnsten, Kurt; Rønnqvist, Mikael; Bouchard, Marie Searching for optimal integer solutions to set partitioning problems using column generation International Transactions in Operational Research Volume 21 (2); page 177 - 197; 2014
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