Mahnaz Fakhrabadi

PhD Candidate Mahnaz Fakhrabadi

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Selected publications

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Hendalianpour, Ayad; Fakhrabadi, Mahnaz; Sadegh Sangari, Mohamad; Razmi, Jafar A Combined Benders Decomposition and Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithm for Optimizing a Multi-Product, Multi-Level Omni-Channel Distribution System Scientia Iranica. International Journal of Science and Technology; 2020
Liu, Peide; Hendalianpour, Ayad; Fakhrabadi, Mahnaz; Feylizadeh, Mohamdreza Integrating IVFRN-BWM and Goal Programming to Allocate the Order Quantity Considering Discount for Green Supplier International Journal of Fuzzy Systems (IJFS) (0 pages); 2021
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