Ola Kvaløy

Adjunct Professor Ola Kvaløy

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Management Science Industrial Organization Behavioural economics Incentives Contracts Law and Economics

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Arnestad, Mads Nordmo; Eriksen, Kristoffer Wigestrand; Kvaløy, Ola; Laurila, Bjørnar Effort Provision in a Game of Luck Frontiers in Psychology Volume 12; page 1 - 10; 2021
Eriksen, Kristoffer Wigestrand; Kvaløy, Ola; Luzuriaga, Miguel Risk-taking on behalf of others Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance Volume 26 (13 pages); 2020
Gjedrem, William Gilje; Kvaløy, Ola Relative performance feedback to teams Labour Economics Volume 66 (20 pages); 2020
Kvaløy, Ola; Olsen, Trond Egil Relational Contracts, Multiple Agents, and Correlated Outputs Management science (11 pages); 2019
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