Øyvind Thomassen

Associate Professor Øyvind Thomassen

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Applied Econometrics

Øyvind Thomassen is an Associate Professor at NHH. He received his PhD (DPhil) in Economics from the University of Oxford in 2010. He was a postdoctoral researcher in the Economics Department at KU Leuven. Before joining NHH in 2020, he was an Assistant Professor (2011-2018) and Associate Professor in the Economics Department at Seoul National University. He is a research associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. 

In his research, he uses data to understand firm and consumer behaviour, especially in markets with a large number of differentiated products and multiple sellers. He has done work on the supermarket, automobile and construction (cladding bricks) sectors, and on topics such as cross-category pricing, nonlinear pricing / second-degree price discrimination, vertical contracting with upstream and downstream mergers, the effect of environmental tax (exemption), and antitrust market definition with critical loss analysis. His research papers have appeared in the American Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, and the Journal of Competition Law and Economics.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Thomassen, Øyvind; Smith, Howard; Seiler, Stephan; Schiraldi, Pasquale Multi-category competition and market power: a model of supermarket pricing The American Economic Review Volume 107 (8); page 2308 - 2351; 2017
Thomassen, Øyvind An Empirical Model of Automobile Engine Variant Pricing International Journal of the Economics of Business Volume 24 (3); page 275 - 293; 2017
Daljord, Øystein; Sørgard, Lars; Thomassen, Øyvind Asymmetric price increase in critical loss analysis: A reply to Langenfeld and Li Journal of Competition Law & Economics Volume 10 (3); page 765 - 768; 2014
Smith, Howard; Thomassen, Øyvind Multi-category demand and supermarket pricing International Journal of Industrial Organization Volume 30 (3); page 309 - 314; 2012
Daljord, Øystein; Sørgard, Lars; Thomassen, Øyvind The SSNIP test and market definition with the aggregate diversion ratio: A reply to Katz and Shapiro Journal of Competition Law & Economics Volume 4 (2); page 263 - 270; 2007
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