Paul N. Gooderham

Professor Paul N. Gooderham

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Professor Paul N. Gooderham is a graduate of the University of Bergen and has a doctoral degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is a full-time tenured Professor of International Management at NHH, The Norwegian School of Economics (1994-) and an adjunct professor at Middlesex University Business School, London (2011-).

He has previously been an adjunct professor at Nottingham Trent University (2008-11) and a visiting professor at Cranfield School of Management (2005-8). 

He was Head of the Department of Strategy & Management at NHH between June 2013 and June 2020.

Previously he was a Director of Research at NHH’s Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF) (2007-14) and NHH’s coordinator of research on international strategy and management (2007-13)

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Stavrou, Eleni; Parry, Emma; Gooderham, Paul N.; Morley, Michael J.; Lazarova, Mila Institutional duality and human resource management practice in foreign subsidiaries of multinationals Human Resource Management Journal (0 pages); 2021
Holt Larsen, Henrik; Stensaker, Inger G.; Gooderham, Paul N.; Schramm-Nielsen, Jette Talent Development as an Alternative to Orthodox Career Thinking: The Scandinavian Case The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning, Second Edition; 2020
Croucher, Richard; Sandvik, Alexander Madsen; Gooderham, Paul N.; Michel, Didier The organisational adoption of soft law encouraging joint consultative committees in Mauritius Evidence-based HRM: a Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship Volume 8 (3); page 295 - 314; 2020
Dasi, Ángels; Elter, Frank; Gooderham, Paul N.; Pedersen, Torben VUCA and the Future of the Global Mobile Telco Industry International business in a VUCA world : the changing role of states and firms; page 383 - 401; 2019
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