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Professor Emeritus Roger Bivand

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Roger Bivand has been a professor since 1996, after joining the Norwegian School of Economics in 1988 from previous academic positions in Bodø, Norway, and in Poznań, Poland.

He received his PhD degree in geography from the London School of Economics in 1975, after undergraduate study in Geography at the University of Cambridge. He holds a post-doctoral degree (dr habil.) in geography from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland (1982). He first visited  the Norwegian School of Economics as a student doing fieldwork in 1970, work which continued in his PhD thesis on regional economic development in Norway.

His current research interests are in developing and supporting the development of open source software for analysing spatial data, including spatial econometrics; his software (written with collaborators) has diffused to many organisations, including FAO (statistical yearbook production).

He has been active in the R community since 1997, and is now an auditor of the R Foundation. He is an editor of the Journal of Statistical Software, the R Journal, Journal of Geographical Systems, Geographical Analysis and Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift. He is often invited to teach external PhD courses in applied spatial data analysis.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Bivand, Roger; Piras, Gianfranco Comparing implementations of estimation methods for spatial econometrics Journal of Statistical Software Volume 63 (18); page 1 - 36; 2015
Bivand, Roger; Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio; Rue, Håvard Approximate Bayesian inference for spatial econometrics models Spatial Statistics Volume 9; page 146 - 165; 2014
Bivand, Roger; Pebesma, Edzer; Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R Springer Science+Business Media B.V.; 2013
Bivand, Roger; Hauke, Jan; Kossowski, Tomasz Computing the Jacobian in Gaussian Spatial Autoregressive Models: An Illustrated Comparison of Available Methods Geographical Analysis Volume 45 (2); page 150 - 179; 2013
Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio; Bivand, Roger; Rue, Håvard Estimating Spatial Econometrics Models with Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation Mathematics Volume 9 (17) (23 pages); 2021
Bivand, Roger; Millo, Giovanni; Piras, Gianfranco A Review of Software for Spatial Econometrics in R Mathematics Volume 9 (11) (40 pages); 2021
Carrer, Francesco; Kossowski, Tomasz; Wilk, Justyna; Pietrzak, Michał; Bivand, Roger The application of Local Indicators for Categorical Data (LICD) to explore spatial dependence in archaeological spaces Journal of Archaeological Science Volume 126 (9 pages); 2020
Bivand, Roger S. Progress in the R ecosystem for representing and handling spatial data Journal of Geographical Systems Volume 23; page 515 - 546; 2020
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Economic Geography, Spatial Data Analysis, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Econometrics