Sara Abrahamsson

PhD Candidate Sara Abrahamsson

+47 55 95 99 25
Health Economics

Sara Abrahamsson is a PhD Student at FAIR and affiliated to the Center for Labor Economics. Her main research interests are in the intersection of labor and health economics and economics of education. She joined the department in August 2016.

Sara is a member of the project “Reducing inequality through complementarities in investment in education and health”. In her dissertation Sara uses large-scale administrative data to study questions related to early life health and long run outcomes over generations, how proximity to unhealthy food options affect teenager’s health, and in a third arm of research she studies how technology in the classroom affects students’ immediate and medium-term outcomes.

Before joining the department, Sara obtained a M.S.c. in Economics from University of Gothenburg, a B.Sc. in Economics and a B.Sc. in Development Studies both from Linnaeus University in Sweden.

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