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Professor Trine Dahl

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Science communication English professional communication Academic writing Climate change discourse.


Trine Dahl has been working at NHH since 1985, first as Assistant Professor, then Associate Professor, and since 2008 as full Professor of English. She holds a doctorate in English linguistics from the University of Bergen.

Trine Dahl’s research belongs within pragmatics and discourse studies. Her two main projects in recent years have been in cooperation with research colleagues at the University of Bergen and financed by the Research Council of Norway: KIAP- Cultural identity in academic prose, studying writing styles in economics, linguistics and medicine in three different languages (2002-2006) as well as LINGCLIM –Linguistic representations of climate change discourse and their individual and collective interpretations, an interdisciplinary project investigating climate change discourse (2013-2016). With a research colleague, she has recently started a new project, Climate change in corporate discourse. Her work has appeared in journals such as Journal of Pragmatics, Text & Talk, Written Communication and Language & Communication. Her teaching portfolio at the bachelor level comprises courses on English for Business and a video-based introduction to academic writing (Norwegian); at the master level, intercultural communication and interpersonal communication skills for business; and at the PhD level, academic writing for research purposes (English).

Trine Dahl has been an expert member of several accreditation and assessment committees on higher education programmes involving professional language and communication.

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Areas of expertise (Norwegian):
Akademisk skriving, Fagkommunikasjon

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Dahl, Trine; Fløttum, Kjersti Climate change as a corporate strategy issue: A discourse analysis of three climate reports from the energy sector Corporate Communications. An International Journal Volume 24 (3); page 499 - 514; 2019
Dahl, Trine; Fløttum, Kjersti Verbal–visual harmony or dissonance? A news values analysis of multimodal news texts on climate change Discourse, Context & Media Volume 20; page 124 - 131; 2017
Fløttum, Kjersti; Dahl, Trine; Rivenes, Vegard Young Norwegians and their views on climate change and the future: findings from a climate concerned and oil-rich nation Journal of Youth Studies Volume 19 (8); page 1128 - 1143; 2016
Dahl, Trine Contested science in the media: linguistic traces of news writers’ framing activity Written Communication: an international quarterly of research, theory, and application Volume 32 (1); page 39 - 65; 2015
Dahl, Trine; Fløttum, Kjersti A linguistic framework for studying voices and positions in the climate debate Text & Talk Volume 34 (4); page 401 - 420; 2014
Fløttum, Kjersti; Dahl, Trine Different contexts, different "stories"? A linguistic comparison of two development reports on climate change Language & Communication Volume 32 (1); page 14 - 23; 2012
Dahl, Trine Contributing to the academic conversation: A study of new knowledge claims in economics and linguistics Journal of Pragmatics Volume 40 (7); page 1184 - 1201; 2008
Fløttum, Kjersti; Dahl, Trine; Kinn, Torodd Academic voices : across languages and disciplines John Benjamins Publishing Company; 2006
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Business institutions, business communication, academic writing, intercultural communication