Ulf H. Olsson

Adjunkt Professor Ulf H. Olsson

Strategy and Management

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Hansen, Bjørn Gunnar; Olsson, Ulf H. Specification Search in Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): How Gradient Component-wise Boosting can Contribute Structural Equation Modeling (12 pages); 2021
Kreiberg, David; Marcoulides, Katerina; Olsson, Ulf H. A faster procedure for estimating CFA models applying Minimum Distance Estimators with a fixed weight matrix Structural Equation Modeling (15 pages); 2020
Foldnes, Njål; Marcoulides, George A.; Olsson, Ulf H. Examining the Performance of the Modified ADF Goodness-of-fit Test Statistic in Structural Equation Models Structural Equation Modeling; 2019
Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf H. The choice of normal-theory weight matrix when computing robust standard errors in confirmatory factor analysis Structural Equation Modeling; page 1 - 15; 2019
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