Vincent Somville

Associate Professor Vincent Somville

+47 55 95 95 53
Behavioural economics Development Economics

Vincent is a development economist with an interest in behavioral economics and experimental methods. He is currently working in Tanzania on the transition from schools to the labor market, and on public finance policies. In the past, Vincent led a project about banking and microfinance in India and was working on savings, credit and insurance groups in Benin, and poverty in Nepal.

Vincent got his Phd from Namur-Louvain in Belgium and he previously worked as an expert in economic analysis and health policies for the Belgian Government and as a lecturer at the Louvain School of Management. He is also an Associated Senior Researcher at the Chr. Michelsen Institute.


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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Somville, Vincent; Vandewalle, Lore Access to banking, savings and consumption smoothing in rural India Journal of Public Economics Volume 223; 2023
Andersen, Asbjørn Goul Bjerrum; Kotsadam, Andreas; Somville, Vincent Material resources and well-being — Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery Journal of Health Economics Volume 83; 2022
Mehrotra, Rahul; Somville, Vincent; Vandewalle, Lore Increasing Trust in Bankers to Enhance Savings: Experimental Evidence from India Economic development and cultural change Volume 69 (2); page 623 - 644; 2021
Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Kagome, Cecilia; Mdee, Eprahim; Sjursen, Ingrid Hoem; Somville, Vincent The customer is king: Evidence on VAT compliance in Tanzania World Development Volume 128; 2020
Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Somville, Vincent; Nasgowitz, Arne; Ferris, Denise; Gulesci, Selim; Vandewalle, Lore Childcare, labor supply, and business development: Experimental evidence from Uganda CEPR; 2022
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