Diploma, duplicates and transcripts

Diploma, duplicates and transcripts

You can order a transcript of your grades in Norwegian or English via Studentweb, or you may contact the Service Center. If you have a Norwegian eleven-digit birth number you may share your grades via Vitnemålsportalen, our diploma registry.

For students starting the autumn of 2018, we refer to our Regulations for Full-time Study Programmes Section 7-1 Diploma for information. More details will come soon.

The transcript will contain all your grades from NHH. Approved courses from exchanges and recognised courses taken at other educational institutions will not be included. It is not possible to remove results from a transcript.


Due to circumstances relating to the corona-virus, more specifically the Norwegian Governments' decision to shut down all universities and university colleges, please be advised that we will take longer than normal to send your diploma. 

Please make sure that your name is correctly registered in Studentweb, or it will be wrong on your diploma.

Please make sure to update your address in Studentweb. 

Remember that your diploma is an important document that you must be careful with. Your diploma is only printed once. When the diploma is printed, your admission will be terminated and your degree is considered completed. You will therefore not be able to take any further examinations in that degree. (Be aware of separate rules for MRR). Grades from exchange and courses recognised as a part of your degree (innpass) will be visible on your diploma. If you have too many courses, NHH courses will be prioritised unless you specify which courses you want as soon as the grading has been completed in the last course you take. You may submit a request for the courses you want to leave off your diploma.

The cover of the diploma will be in Norwegian. The transcript is printed in both Norwegian and English. The diploma supplement is only produced in English.

If you have decided to appeal the grade, we will not print your diploma until the appeal is completed.

The diplomas are produced after the deadline for appeals has passed for your programme and after the results of any appeals have been received. You can expect that the diplomas normally are ready in September/October and in February/March. Printing diplomas is a time-consuming process, and you must expect it to take some time before you receive it, especially if you have made specific requests regarding what courses to include.

You will lose access to NHH's IT-systems within three months after your diploma has been produced, or after your right to study has expired.


Master's students will be issued their diploma once they have passed 120 credits with the right combination of courses, and the deadlines for appeals for all grades have passed. You can renounce the right of appeal by sending an e-mail. This will mean that your programme is considered completed and we can start preparing your diploma.


If you have lost your diploma, you may apply for a duplicate of the diploma transcript by sending us an email. A duplicate costs 1000 NOK. The processing time for a duplicate is 2-3 weeks.