Electronic School Examination

Electronic School Examination

You have to be present at least half an hour before the examination starts. You must install the FLOWlock browser before the examination day. Make sure that you update the FLOWlock browser before each exam season.

  1. Log in to WISEflow using FEIDE (student number + password).
  2. Click the correct examination.
  3. At 08:45 the latest: Click "Start FLOWlock". Close all programs/services when prompted by WISEflow.
  4. 09:00: Log in with the password provided by the invigilators.
  5. You can open the examination question paper in a separate tab in FLOWlock browser.
  6. You can add drawings or images taken with your own webcam to the examination answer paper. Ask the invigilators for assistance if you need help.
  7. If you are late you will need an extra password. This must be typed by an invigilator.
  8. Contact the invigilator when you are ready to submit. You may not leave the desk until an invigilator has assisted you with submission.

Do not talk until you have left the examination location.

Examinations with special arrangements for candidates with dyslexia will not be arranged in WISEflow.

 Tips & Tricks
Saving Your text will be saved approximately every three seconds when you are online. Saving status is available in the upper right corner.
If you lose your internet connection during the examination

If you lose your internet connection you will receive a pop-up message, but you may continue to work. Please notify an invigilator if the internet connection appears to be unstable and you get repeated pop-ups. You may save a local copy by clicking Download paper. The button is only visible when you have no internet connection, and soon as the connection is restored, the button will disappear.

Candidate number

The candidate number is automatically connected to your answer paper in WISEflow. NB! Do not write your name or student number in your paper.

The question paper is too small to read

You may click and drag the frame to adjust the size of the question paper.

Cut, copy and paste Use standard Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy and paste.
Pages, words and characters Information regarding characters and pages is found in the Table of Contents in the sidebar. There is no word count in FLOWlock.
Saved versions Auto saved versions may be found in the sidebar, called Revisions
Text gets replaced when writing You must click the insert-button (sometimes Ctrl + insert) on your keyboard to turn off this feature.
Toolbar disappears

First, try clicking and typing in the editor. If this does not work, click the refresh button in FLOWlock.

NB! If you are offline, please contact an invigilator.

Zoom in/out


  • Zoom in: Ctrl + plus
  • Zoom out: Ctrl + minus


  • Zoom in: Cmd + plus
  • Zoom out: Cmd + minus
Change keyboard language


  • Alt + Shift


  • Cmd + space or
  • Cmd + Alt + space
Sipmple drawings and models

Hand-written attachments may be added to your answer paper by using your web camera. FLOWlock also offers a simple drawing tool.

Missing Internet connection at hand-in time
  1. Save a local copy by cliking the button Download paper.
  2. Contact an invigilator.