Explanation of Grade and Appeal

Explanation of Grade and Appeal

You can ask for an explanation of your grade within seven days - one week- after you have received your grade.

The deadline to ask for an explanation is one week after the grade was announced. 

You may ask for an explanation of grade in WISEflow, see guide. In a group exam, only one group member needs to ask for an explanation. This person may then convey the explanation to the other group members.

You should receive an explanation within two weeks of your request. If you do not receive an explanation, please contact exams@nhh.no

To ask for an explanation of grade for a master thesis or the national translator accreditation exam, please e-mail your supervisor within one week of the grade announcement. 

You may ask for an explanation for all written work resulting in a grade. In case of an oral examination, you must ask the examiners directly and immediately after the grade is announced.

The examiner may choose whether to give you a written or an oral explanation. They may also convey an explanation by a lecture or in some other forum.

The explanation should provide the general principles underlying the assessment of the candidate's performance. The general principles will be given as evaluation guidelines and will be available in Canvas. 

A grade is given based on the following criteria (from the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions' website):











Appeal of grade

Form for appeal (PDF)

How do i appeal?

You appeal a grade by filling out and signing the form. We prefer receiving appeals per email. You may also hand it in at the Service Centre.

What is the deadline?

The deadline for appealing a grade is three weeks after the grade has been received. If you have asked for an explanation of your grade, the deadline for submitting an appeal is three weeks after you have received the explanation.

How long does it take?

The answer paper is normally sent to the new examiners six weeks after the original grade was announced. It takes about three weeks for the new examiners to grade the answer paper. The original grade will be blocked when you have appealed. You can see the new grade by logging in to Studentweb. It is also normally sent by e-mail to your NHH-address.

can i appeal all grades?

You cannot appeal the grade for an oral examination or a grade that contains an oral component. For continuous written assessments, such as portfolio assessments or assessments with multiple components resulting in one final grade, you cannot appeal until the final grade is given.

What are the consequences?

It is important to keep in mind that an appeal can result in a lower grade, and that this is a risk you choose to accept when you decide to appeal your grade. The result of the appeal is final and cannot be appealed, but in rare cases it may be subject to an appeal based on formal errors (The Act relating to universities and university colleges Section 5-2 Complaints against procedural errors in connection with examinations). Note that receiving a lower grade when your examination is reassessed is not a formal error.

 What about a group assessment?

You can individually appeal a group assessment.


The new examiners will not receive the original grade or any comments/explanations from examiners or students when making their new assessment. They will have access to evaluation guidelines. There is always an external and internal examiner when there is an appeal.

Can i withdraw my appeal?

You can withdraw an appeal until the new grade is published. The appeal must be withdrawn in writing, and it may be sent by e-mail.

 Your final diploma will be held back until the appeal is completed.