WISEflow for assessors

WISEflow for assessors

Digital assessment information for course owners and assessors


  • Go to nhh.wiseflow.dk and choose Feide.
  • User name: employee number, password: the same as for logging onto your NHH computer.
    • Norwegian assessors can choose to log in with ID-porten (MinID, BankID etc) to WISEflow.

Display language

  • To change the display language to English, click your name in the upper right corner and select Rediger profil from the drop-down menu.

Grading Essays in FLOWlocK (Video)

Registering grades in WISEflow

Creating multiple choice exams in flowmulti (video)

Grading a multiple choice in FLOWmulti (video)

Written exams in FLOWlock

  • similar to Word
  • integrated drawing tool
  • possible to add handwritten calculations or models by the use of webcamera

Written exams in FLOWmulti