Career services for employers

Career services for employers

Do you want to hire an NHH student or newly graduated NHH candidate to work for you outside of Norway? Or do you want to hire an international NHH student to work in Norway? The International Career Centre (ICC) can help with the process.

We collaborate with companies and organisations on the recruitment of NHH students for work abroad and of international NHH students for work in Norway.

We collaborate closely with the NHHS student organisation and other student organisations, such as AIESEC, about career services. This provides us with a good starting point for tailoring our services to cover the needs both of partner companies and students.

international internships and positions

Looking to recruit Norwegian NHH students for internships and/or positions abroad, or needing to recruit an international NHH student for an internship/position in Norway? Register your company/organisation on the ICC's jobportal JobTeaser by clicking here:

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The NHHS student organisation and ICC organises several career activities. The largest and most important is Career Day, which takes place in September every year. If you are interested in presenting the international career opportunities in your company, get in touch with us.


Do you want to hire an international NHH student as an intern? Every autumn, students apply for internships in Norwegian companies that collaborate with NHH. We take care of the application process and you select some students to speed interview on campus. Notify us of your interest:


The NHH Internship Programme is a collaboration between NHH and companies offering high-quality internships abroad. Our permanent company partners are DNB, Innovation Norway and the OECD.

Get in touch with us if the NHH Internship Abroad programme is of interest to your company.