Language Requirements

Language Requirements

CEMS candidates must be proficient in three Languages when exiting the CEMS MIM programme, ensuring the students' ability to live and work in different environments.


When graduating from the CEMS MIM programme you must have achieved the following levels of language proficiency:

  •  Excellent oral and written skills in the first foreign language (C1/C2)


  • For non-native English speakers:
    • Good oral and written skills in the second foreign language, minimum 5 ECTS or 60 contact hours from an approved exam or institute if at level A1, A2 or B1.
  • For native English speakers:
    • Good oral skills in the second foreign language (B1)

The Common European Framework is the reference for comparing language proficiency in all European languages. 

Language combinations

  • Mother tongue or first foreign language must be English.
  • The second foreign language can be any language
  • Certain combinations of similar languages will not be allowed to fulfil the requirements (e.g. Danish/Swedish/Norwegian, Danish/Faroese, Czech/Slovak, Catalan/Spanish, Galician/Spanish, German/Luxembourgisher, Russian/Kazak, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin/Slovenian, Ukrainian/Belarusian/Russian or Afrikaans/Dutch/Flemish/Frisian).

For more details regarding languages, please see the language graduation requirements.