Bocconi, Italy

Bocconi, Italy

In 2017 NHH introduced a brand new Double Degree programme with Bocconi in Milan, Italy. Combine the ECN, ENE, MBM or STR major at NHH with a Master’s programme at Bocconi.

Available major and programme combinations

 The Bocconi Double Degree is not available to other NHH majors.




  • The programme is taught entirely in English
  • Graduation requirements include an internship and two EU languages (Italian is mandatory for non-native  Italian speakers. Bocconi offers language courses)
  • There are no tuition fees for Double Degree students at Bocconi, but you must pay a graduation fee
  • You will receive an Erasmus+ grant
  • You will write your Master’s thesis alone, with supervisors from both Bocconi and NHH
  • You have to follow a specific study plan during your first year at NHH in order to qualify for the Bocconi degree