University of Mannheim

University of Mannheim

Choose from a wide range of specialisations and achieve a Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Mannheim.

  • Programme structure (pdf, 477 KB)
  • You can read more about University of Mannheim and the master programme here.
  • There are five mandatory courses in the Mannheim Master in Management programme (CC 501 Decision Analysis, either CC 502 Applied Econometrics or CC 503 Empirical Methods, CC 504 Corporate Social Responsibility, BE 510 Business Economics I, BE 511 Business Economics II). Some core courses may be covered by NHH courses (see list below), leaving room for more electives at Mannheim.
  • The programme is taught entirely in English.
  • You will write your master thesis at the University of Mannheim, according to their requirements and procedures. Topics for Master’s theses are distributed, not selected.
  • There are no tuition fees for Double Degree students at University of Mannheim
  • You will receive an Erasmus+ grant.

NHH courses that may replace core courses at Mannheim:

  • ECN402 Econometrics - CC 502 Applied Econometrics*
  • BUS444 Økonometri for regnskap og økonomisk styring – CC 502 Applied Econometrics*
  • STR402A Methodology for Master Thesis - CC 503 Empirical Methods*
  • ETI450 Corporate Social Responsibility - CC 504 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ECO400 Decisions, Strategy and Information - BE 510 Business Economics I
  • ECN401 Applied Microeconomic Theory - BE 510 Business Economics I
  • STR421 Competitive Strategy - BE 511 Business Economics II
  • ECO427 Næringsøkonomi - BE 511 Business Economics II

* Only one of the two (CC 502 and CC 503) can be included in the Mannheim Master in Management degree.

You will receive credit transfer according to the corresponding course in Mannheim. Example: ECN402 Econometrics 7,5 ECTS will be transferred into the Mannheim degree as CC 502 Applied Econometrics 6 ECTS. 1,5 ECTS credits will be lost in the transfer and you have to make up for this by taking extra ECTS credits in Mannheim.

The University of Mannheim do not transfer ECTS credits from NHH courses with a pass/fail grade.

Other NHH courses may replace Mannheim electives. Contact the NHH Double Degree Coordinator for further information.