Engage Online Exchange

Engage Online Exchange

NHH-students can participate in an online exchange at partner universities in the ENGAGE.eu alliance in Spring 2021.


ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competencies needed to tackle major societal challenges.

The Engage Online Exchange gives NHH students the opportunity to take courses at our partner universities digitally. As a participant, you will be part of a virtual and international classroom. Benefit from international learning opportunities and exchange ideas with students from different countries!

The EU Commission has declared that ENGAGE.EU has been awarded the status European University.

The programme targets NHH students who:

  • have not been on exchange during their current degree (bachelor/masters) or
  • who would like to cancel their planned exchange stay and go on exchange virtually instead or
  • students who would like to gain extra skills in addition to their NHH-degree.


Please note that you can only transfer up to 30 ECTS from other universities in your NHH-degree. This means that you cannot add 30 ECTS from regular exchange to your NHH diploma in addition to courses taken virtually via this programme. If you would like to take courses and add them to your NHH-degree you must apply for pre-approval of courses.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: I'm supposed to go on exchange in Spring 2021, but I would rather do a virtual exchange through this initiative. Can I withdraw from my planned exchange?

    • A: Yes, please send an e-mail to int.stud@nhh.no about your decision as soon as possible. You must also remember to apply for pre-approval of courses.

    Q: I'm going on exchange and would like to continue to do that. May I take courses through the Online Exchange Initiative in addition to going on exchange?

    • A: Yes, but remember that you can only add 30 ECTS from other universities to your final NHH-diploma. This means that not all courses can be added to your degree. Remember that we require that you apply for pre-approval of courses.
    • You must also remember that if you receive funding from the Lånekassen, you must go on exchange with the intent to take a full workload of 30 ECTS and our exchange agreements state the same. However, we do not stop you from dropping courses while you are on exchange.

    Q: May I apply to several partner universities?

    • A: You can apply to as many universities as you would like, and take courses from more than one university in the same semester. Please note that each university may limit how many courses you can register for so it is unlikely that you will be able to take a full workload worth 30 ECTS at only one of the partners through this programme.

    Q: I'm not planning to go on exchange, can I still apply?

    • A: Yes, you do not have to already be part of the exchange programme in order to apply for the Online Exchange Initiative. Remember that we require that you apply for pre-approval of courses.

    Q: I'm planning to take my full degree at NHH, but I would like to take a few extra courses. Can I still apply?

    • A: Yes, you do not have to include the courses on your NHH-diploma. The courses will still have an added value to your skills.

    Q: I am a bachelor student, can I take a course through this initiative as a replacement for a compulsory NHH-course?

    • A: If a course available through this initiative is already accepted as a replacement for a compulsory course (see the list on Canvas), the course can replace a mandatory course at NHH. You must remember to apply for pre-approval!

Academic programme

The academic programme will vary depending on the host university. You are welcome to combine courses at different partner universities or take courses at one university.

Please visit our partner universities' website for more information on their programme and application process:

Please note that the factsheets may be subject to change.