When you need help abroad

When you need help abroad

Are you on exchange or abroad through another NHH program? Here you can find information about what to do if you experience an unexpected incident or find yourself in danger.

Minor unexpected incidents

In non-urgent situations, contact the coordinator at your host university and/or the international coordinator at NHH. They will give you advice on how to proceed if you are unsure.

immediate help

If you need immediate help, contact the local police, fire department, and/or ambulance/medical services. If you cannot make yourself understood, you must find someone that can assist you as an interpreter.

State of emergency

In a state of emergency, follow the rules and advice posted by local authorities.


If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you are obligated to follow the advice that are given by the Norwegian embassy/Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Have the phone number to the nearest Norwegian diplomatic or consular mission (embassy or consulate) and other important phone numbers readily available.

Register with the diplomatic or consular mission

Norwegian citizens should contact the nearest diplomatic or consular mission after arriving at their study destination. As a main rule, you should be registered with the nearest diplomatic or consular mission when staying abroad for an extended period of time in all countries outside Europe/North-America.

Follow local laws and regulations

Follow the laws and regulations in the country you are staying in, and be mindful of different norms and regulations (both written and unwritten) than those that exist in Norway. A good guidebook or website about the country can give some guidelines.

Keep your family at home updated

If a dangerous situation in the country you are in occurs, contact your family at home to notify them that you are safe. This also applies if you are not close to the area where the dangerous situation occurred. Your family is not always aware of the geographical conditions in the country you are in.

Are you unhappy?

If you for some reason are not happy and want to cut your stay abroad short, talk to the coordinator at your host university and your international coordinator at NHH first. It is possible that something can be done to fix your problems.


The Norwegian church abroad has its own emergency phone number: +47 951 19 181

NHH Exchange contract

In an emergency situation, NHH will need the contact details you have listed in your exchange contract. It is therefore important that you list correct and up to date contact details in the contract and are familiar with the contract's content when you send it in. It is also important that you register correct contact information in Studentweb during the time you are staying abroad.