Innovation School

Innovation School

In 2021 we are launching the new Innovation School.

The Innovation School is a program for students who are curious about innovation. The program combines a modern academic study program with a study trip and an internship in Germany. The partner portfolio consists of companies from a wide range of industries. It includes start-ups, venture capitalists, hidden champions from the “Mittelstand”, but also large companies with well-known brands.


The program educates students on how to facilitate innovation within an organization. That starts with the process of idea generation, extends to questions of organizing and financing innovation, and ends with different ways of profiting from it. The teaching portfolio is further strengthened with workshops developing soft skills, focusing on career and personal development.



The program consists of five modules starting in Spring 2021. The first module is on personal and professional development. It is a preparation module in which we prepare students for the application process with the participating companies, for potential cultural challenges during the stay in Germany, and for their future career (in an innovative environment) in more general. Module 1 takes place in Spring 2021 at NHH in Bergen, complemented with digital teaching forms. Modules 2, 3 and 4 take place in Germany. Module 2 is an eight week long internship in a local company. Module 3 and 4 consist of two teaching weeks. One after around 4 weeks into the internship. The other after the end of the internship. Finally, Module 5 is a reflection workshop in Bergen. The reflection workshop aims to reflect on the individual experiences but also on learning from one another.

Modules 2, 3 and 4 will take place from June 21 to August 29, 2021.

  • Admission Requirements

    Admission Requirements

    You must be a student from NHH.

    If you are a master student:

    • You are eligible to apply if you are in the first, second or third semester of your master’s degree at the time of application and are following a normal study progression.

    If you are a bachelor student:

    • You are eligible to apply if you are a bachelor’s student in your last semester, remain with a maximum of 30 ECTS, and have applied to start your master’s degree in January

    You must be fluent in English, both oral and written.
    You need to be motivated and possess the appropriate qualities and attitudes.
    If you have started your master’s degree, it is an advantage. 
    German language skills are not required, but a plus.

    The Innovation School is a programme that complements the Gründerskolen programme. Gründerskolen focuses on entrepeneurship. Students can apply to both programmes but can only accept one.

    It is not possible to combine the Innovation School with the Internship Abroad course INTERN-A-MCEMS or the Double Degree programme. You can only do one of these alternatives.

    Students who have already been accepted to a master level exchange semester in the spring of 2021 may apply for the Innovation School, but if they are accepted they must withdraw from the exchange in order to keep their place at the Innovation School.

  • Application procedure

    Application procedure

    • The online application will open 1 October 2020.
    • The application deadline is 15 October 2020.
    • We will notify you about the outcome until 20 November 2020 and you must reply to our offer by 29 November 2020.
    • There are 30 places available.

    Your application will be assessed by the Section for Admissions. Applicants are evaluated and ranked based on a combination of academic strength, motivation and personal skills, and experience. Relevant work experience is a plus.

    Submit yor application:

    1. Go to Søknadsweb
    2. Choose "Innovation School"
    3. Make sure to upload only the documents outlined under “Documentation requirements”: CV, motivation letter, and if applicable, academic records.
    4. All files must be uploaded in pdf-format. Other documentation will not be taken into consideration
  • Documentation requirements

    Documentation requirements

    1. CV in English
      • Please include work and volunteer experience, appointments (Norwegian: verv), international experience and language skills
    2. Motivation letter in English, maximum two pages:
      • How did you learn about the programme and what do you know about it?
      • Why would you like to participate in Innovation School?
      • If you are selected, what will your expectations be?
      • How do you envision that you will make use of what you learn in your future endeavors?
      • Why should we choose you to participate? What will you contribute, and how?
      • Drawing upon your experience from school, work or a spare time activity, please describe a situation where you had to solve a challenging task. Elaborate as briefly and as specifically as possible. What was the goal? How did you approach the task? What were your considerations? What was the outcome?
    3. Academic records, depending on the below:
      • If you completed your bachelor’s degree at NHH or at another Norwegian university (excluding BI), we have access to your results in our system. You do not have to upload your academic records.  
      • If you completed your bachelor’s degree at BI or abroad, we do not have access to your results. You must upload a signed and stamped, or electronically signed, copy of your bachelor’s diploma and grades transcript. 
  • Internships placement process

    Internships placement process

    The matching of Innovation School participants and the internship opportunities take place as a direct part of the teaching modules during the spring term of 2021.

  • Recognition




    Information regarding how the Innovation School will be integrated into your master degree. Please note that the information on this topic may differ for Norwegian and international students.

    Innovation School is an NHH program taught at NHH, Goethe University and one more partner institution that is yet to be determined. All credits taken in the Innovation School are granted by NHH and will be incorporated as part of your master degree. The Innovation School credits are graded.

    Students taking the New Business Development major have the option to integrate the Innovation School as part of their major profile. Students cannot combine a major in NBD with the Innovation School as their minor.

  • Programme fee

    Programme fee

    The programme requires a fee of 34 000kr. 

    Additional costs: Travel within Germany, general living expenses, accomodation, insurance.

    Accommodation: Students are required to organize accommodation themselves.

  • Funding


    NHH has applied for approval of the Innovation School by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen). If granted, Norwegian students will be eligible for funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund to cover tuition, two months of basic support and travel expenses. We eagerly await approval.

    International student are usually not eligible for loans and scholarships from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

    Students will also be eligible to Erasmus+ funding.

  • Want to know more?

    Want to know more?

    Please contact us via with all your questions.

    We had an online information meeting on October 6, 2020. The slides are available here.

    We are also planning an additional physical meeting on October 12, 2020. We will update you on the time.

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