CEMS Nordic Forum at NHH


27 April 2017 18:35

(updated: 27 April 2017 19:07)

CEMS Nordic Forum at NHH

How can companies adapt to a changing world? This is the theme of this year's CEMS Nordic Forum, which NHH is hosting these days.

Text: Petter Lindheim Reinem     Photo: Helge Skodvin

Disruptive innovation is a game changer. Renewable resources are more attractive than before. What has traditionally been valuable assets are now outdated and replaceable. How can businesses accommodate these changes?

About 100 national and international CEMS students are currently at NHH to attend seminars and workshops that address these issues.

Reflecting CEMS

The event lasts over three days, and students from CEMS-affiliated schools around the world are participants.

When asked why she has travelled to Norway in order to participate at the event, Silvia Cocciolillo from Italy says that the Nordic Forum reflects what CEMS is all about.

Statoil ran a dynamic simulation game seminar.
Statoil ran a dynamic simulation game seminar.

- Firstly, the theme of the event is very interesting. At the same time, this is CEMS at its core. Academic discussions across cultures, making new acquaintances and expanding your network, says Cocciolillo, student at the University College Dublin. 


Microsoft, Statoil, Statkraft, L´Oreal og Arla are some of the companies that are representing the business community through seminars and workshops during the event.


Microsoft’s seminar was about digital transformation. One of the participants were Danish-German Maya Loose, a master student in Applied Chain-Management at CBS in Copenhagen.

At the seminar, she learned what kind of impact virtual reality could have on the future.

- Amongst other things, Microsoft spoke about the fact that the presence of a physical store might not be necessary in the future. Instead of going to the store, you can try on new clothes by using VR glasses.


The focus of the Arla seminar was the challenges that come from putting new ideas into practice.

Angelica Bertoli from Italy, who studies in Rotterdam, says that the students were given a few minutes to come up with ideas. Then they had to choose their favourite and present this to the rest of the seminar participants.

- It was a great way to practice letting go of something you like and feel an ownership to, and realise that some of the other ideas were better.


CEMS (The Global Alliance in Management Education) is a strategic alliance of 30 world-class business schools, 65 multinational companies and five NGOs and aims to set the gold standard for excellence with its one-year Master's in International Management (MIM) degree.

NHH joined the network in 1992, which is open to only one business school from each country. You must be enrolled at NHH to apply for a place on the CEMS MIM joint degree programme.

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