Publications and Current Projects

Publications and Current Projects

The following research papers received grants by the Centre or used databases supported by the Centre.

Authors Title Publication

Michael Kisser and Loreta Rapushi

Finding market timing patterns when they are unlikely to exist (PDF 339KB)

Working Paper

Hans K. Hvide, and Benjamin F. Jones

University Innovation and the Professor's Privilege

American Economic Review, 2018, 108(7), page:1860-1898

Carsten Bienz

Lånefinansierte oppkjøp i Norge

Praktisk økonomi & finans 33(2), 2017

Tyler Hull, Thomas Chemmanur, and Karthik Krishnan

Do Local and International Venture Capitalists Play Well Together? The Complementarity of Local and International Venture Capitalists

Journal of Business Venturing, 2016, 31(5), 573-594

B. Espen Eckbo, Knut Nygaard and Karin S. Thorburn

Board Gender-Balancing and Firm Value

Working Paper

Tyler Hull, Thomas Chemmanur, and Karthik Krishnan

Expertise or Proximity in International Private Equity? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Working Paper

Endre Berner, Aksel Mjøs, Marius Olving

Translation of "Regnskapsboka"

SNF - Centre for Applied Research at NHH

Tobias Friedrich

The Impact of Buyouts on Company Performance: Evidence from Norway (PDF 1,09MB)

Master Thesis, NHH (2015)

Einar C. Kjenstad, Xunhua Su, Han Xia

Product Market Threats and Financial Contracting: Evidence from Performance-Sensitive Debt

Working Paper

Carsten Bienz, Yael Hochberg

Rising from the Ashes

Working Paper

Carsten Bienz, Karin S. Thorburn, Uwe Walz

Coinvestment and risk taking in private equity funds (PDF 390KB)

SAFE Working Paper Series, No. 126

Carsten Bienz

Leveraged Buyouts in Norway (PDF 309KB)

Working Paper