CAM research

CAM research

Selected publications from CAM-affiliated researchers.


Mjøs, Aksel, Josè Albuquerque de Sousa, Carsten Bienz, Annie Bersagel, Marte Siri Storaker and Isabelle Juillard Thompsen, 2021: "Norsif guide to ESG integration in fundamental equity valuation". Published book

Friewald, Nils, Florian Nagler and Christian Wagner, 2021: "Debt Refinancing and Equity Returns". Journal of Finance,  forthcoming

Pohl, Walt, Karl Schmedders, and Ole Wilms, 2021: "Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Agents and Long-Run Risk". Journal of Financial Economics, 140, 941-964


Friewald, Nils and Florian Nagler, 2019: "Over-the-Counter Market Frictions and Yield Spread Changes". Journal of Finance, 74, 3217-3257

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