Forskningsparken partners with The HUB

Several portraits created from moss and concrete lining a walkway.
Photo: Forskningsparken
By Stina Iren Boge

31 May 2021 15:27

Forskningsparken partners with The HUB

`The HUB is the perfect arena for us to work towards our mission to be a catalyst for the development of new knowledge-based companies in Norway, and contribute to the commercialization of research´, says Bjørn Erik Reinseth, CEO Forskningsparken.

Photo of the research park.
Photo: Forskningsparken

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Park) has had a wide range of functions: a meeting place between business and research environments, a workplace for knowledge-based businesses and an incubator for new entrepreneurial companies.

Collaboration at the heart of digital transformation


Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park - is a meeting place and community where  3,000 people from business, research and academia have their workplace in offices and laboratories. The mission of Forskningsparken is value creation for growth companies and commercialisation of research.


The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH

The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH (The HUB) is the dissemination, networking and training arena for the research center DIG - Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth. The HUB’s purpose is to assist leaders in their strategic decision making on how to create, deliver, communicate, and capture value in a digital era.

`Forskningsparken works to facilitate collaboration, and collaboration in turn increases creative output and sparks innovation´, says Tor W. Andreassen, Professor at NHHs research center DIG- Digital Innovation for Growth, and continues:

`This is exactly what we strive for at The HUB. Our aim is to create a research-based arena where leaders who are involved in digital transformations and innovation can get together and discuss matters to help create, deliver, communicate, and capture value´.

All businesses need to challenge existing models to succeed and stay relevant, according to Bjørn Erik Reinseth.

Bjørn Erik Reinseth, CEO Forskningsparken.

`By joining The HUB we get access to an arena where we can discuss these issues, and where the bridge between research and commercialization provides a basis for a deeper understanding of value creation´.

A paradigm shift

Research shows that business is undergoing a paradigm shift as a result of digital innovation: The very nature of competition is changing (HBR, 2019). Competing is increasingly about identifying new ways to collaborate and connect in ecosystems rather than simply offering alternative value propositions.

`Forskningsparken hosts three incubators with more than 150 companies combined. These companies both develop and rely on digital ecosystems and can benefit from the knowledge and dissemination from The HUB and its members´, Reinseth explains.

Andreassen states that these systems connect companies across industries by offering access to shared content, applications, data, and analytics.

`Businesses that have knowledge about digital ecosystems and how these can be used can create a strategic advantage by leveraging partnerships, investments, and alliances to continuously adapt their offering to a changing customer base´, Andreassen says.