The HUB@NHH welcomes Econa!

People standing in front of a window, looking out on a city skyline. The HUB logo and Econa logo.
Photo: Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash.
By Stina Iren Boge

12 April 2021 15:38

The HUB@NHH welcomes Econa!

`Together with the other HUB members, we are looking forward to exploring and developing new insights to create new market opportunities, growth and profitability´, says managing director of Econa, Nina Riibe.

About Econa

Econa is the Norwegian association for professionals and graduates in business and economics. With over 25.500 members across all sectors, both private and public, the association works to create value for their members and show how members create value for society.

Econa, which represents 25 500 highly educated economists of which 70% has or will obtain a leading role during their career, recently signed a membership agreement with the Digital Transformation HUB (The HUB) at NHH.

Nina Riibe, managing director of Econa. Foto: Econa

Digital innovation to improve member-communication.

Managing director at Econa, Nina Riibe, is enthusiastic about the membership and sees digital transformation and innovation as drivers for betterment.

`At Econa, we always strive to make better decisions, whether it is in our own offices, in contact with our members or when we meet stakeholders´, Riibe explains, and continues,

`Digital transformation and innovation are means to make better decisions. Right now, our priority is to improve contact with each of our members - by using digital innovation to make it more streamlined, faster, efficient and as member-centered as ever´.

Tor W. Andreassen, Professor at NHHs research center DIG- Digital Innovation for Growth, is impressed by Econa and Riibe’s approach.

`The Norwegian Innovation Index has documented that innovations in how organisations create, deliver, communicate, and capture value is key to the organisation’s ability to stay in the market. While product quality is a driver to get satisfied customers, innovations can delight customers! The challenge for leaders is to convert this insight into solutions - digital or not - that allow customers to move forward in life´, Andreassen says.

Knowledge and network

The Hub is DIG’s dissemination, networking and training arena, and Riibe emphasizes all three aspects of the HUB.

About The HUB@NHH

The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH (The HUB) is the dissemination, networking and training arena for the research center DIG - Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth. The HUB’s purpose is to assist leaders in their strategic decision making on how to create, deliver, communicate, and capture value in a digital era.

`I hope that we can create opportunities for our members to learn from the top academics and practitioners in this field. Everything we do is science-based, so it is exciting to follow new research and development. In addition, it will be important for us to create physical arenas where we can exchange ideas, inspiration and new insights, enabling our members to expand both their knowledge and their professional network´, Riibe explains.

Nothing beats a warm hug!

A recent survey (McKinsey, 2020) finds that responses to COVID-19 have accelerated the adaptation of digital technologies by several years- and that many of the changes will be long lasting.

`With the current pandemic, we have seen digital transformation in full speed, I think the coming years will be spent figuring out how we interconnect the digital and physical world in the best possible way: picking the best from each world. Because no matter how good the technology is, nothing beats a warm hug from someone you cherish´ says Riibe.