The HUB@NHH welcomes De Historiske!

Hotel Ullensvang
Photo: Hotel Ullensvang
By Stina Iren Boge

3 May 2021 12:22

The HUB@NHH welcomes De Historiske!

De Historiske (Historical Hotels and Restaurants), a membership organisation containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants, recently became a member of the Digital Transformation HUB (The HUB) at NHH.

The Hub will provide insights for De Historiske to prepare for the next wave of innovation in the travel industry

Nils Henrik Geitle, (NHH 1994) CEO at De Historiske

Nils Henrik Geitle, (NHH 1994) CEO at De Historiske.

Travel as digital innovation driver

According to the World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI),  from 2016 to 2025, digitalization in aviation, travel and tourism is expected to create up to US$305 billion of value for the industry through increased profitability, migrate US$100 billion of value from traditional players to new competitors, and generate benefits valued at US$700 billion for customers and the wider society.

‘De Historiske is a great fit for The HUB as the travel industry has been a driver of digital innovation and continues to be transformed at an exponential rate across the globe. Digitalization has left no part of the travel ecosystem untouched- we have come a long way from physical travel agencies and brochures’, says Tor W. Andreassen, Professor at NHHs research center DIG- Digital Innovation for Growth.

By becoming a part of the network, Geitle hopes to gain insights that will enable him to meet the digital disruption that is already taking place in the industry and to prepare for what comes next.

‘We need to be prepared for the next wave of digitally fueled transformation, Geitle explains. By being a part of The HUB, we will be able to share with and learn from other leaders and researchers. In sum this enables us to not only participate in the transformation, but also be at the forefront of it’.

Hotel Union Øye
Hotel Union Øye Photo: Jonas Bendiksen

Challenges and opportunities

Digitalization enables harvesting data and analytics, and tailoring services and experiences to consumer needs. By capturing personal data from customers and learning more about their behavioural patterns, companies are increasingly optimising services across the customer journey.

‘De Historiske labours to develop extraordinary user experiences to attract the next generation of travelers’, says Geitle, and continues:

‘We need to build world class front-end applications powered by a common set of services that drive our client’s essential needs and market demands. This include redefining the travel experience and amplifying personalization through digital innovation’.

Digitalization is a great opportunity to gain customer insights and use that insight to develop tailored experiences and innovation, explains Andreassen. At the same time, digitization is a threat as it opens for a whole new category of global competitors where Airbnb is just one.



The Digital Transformation HUB@NHH (The HUB) is the dissemination, networking and training arena for the research center DIG - Digital Innovation for sustainable Growth. The HUB’s purpose is to assist leaders in their strategic decision making on how to create, deliver, communicate, and capture value in a digital era.


De Historiske

De Historiske - Historic Hotels & Restaurants - is a unique membership organisation containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants. The group consists of 66 hotels, 23 restaurants and 2 ships which are members of the group.

‘In order to be able to compete in a travel market with digital natives such as online travel aggregators (OTAs), meta-search engines and travel service platforms, traditional providers must embrace the possibilities within digital innovation while never losing sight of the human touch in an increasingly high-tech industry’, says Andreassen.

‘The good news is that the availability of comprehensive customer data and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) provides ample opportunities for the travel industry to seek stronger customer interactions and operational change’, the professor concludes.