The Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality aims to conduct groundbreaking experimental research on how to address inequality in society. FAIR is comprised of two research groups, the Centre for Empirical Labor Economics (CELE) and The Choice Lab.


CELE aims to foster research on the multiple aspects of empirical labour economics. The research agenda includes several themed areas of focus: the labour market, education and health economics, in particular early investments and intergenerational mobility.

The Choice Lab

The Choice Lab uses economic experiments to study individual decision making, in particular how people are motivated by moral, risk and institutional considerations. Areas of focus are global income inequality, tax policy, health care and management issues relevant to corporations and non-governmental organisations.

Selected publications

Authors Title Publication

Ingar Haaland and Christopher Roth

Labor market concerns and support for immigration

Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 191 

Julie Risse, Barton Willage & Alexander Willén 

Can Female Doctors Cure the Gender STEMM Gap? Evidence from Exogenously-Assigned General Practitioners

Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics

Michael F. Lovenheim 
Alexander Willén

The Long-run Effects of Teacher Collective Bargaining

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Volume 11 (3), 2019

Kristina M. Bott, Alexander W. Cappelen, Erik Ø. SørensenBertil Tungodden

You’ve got mail: A randomised field experiment on tax evasion

Forthcoming Management Science

Aline Bütikofer & Kjell G. Salvanes

Disease Control and Inequality Reduction: Evidence from a Tuberculosis Testing and Vaccination Campaign

Forthcoming Review of Economic Studies

Kjell G. Salvanes, Emma Tominey, Italo Lopez-Garcia & Pedro Carneiro

Conditionally accepted Journal of Political Economy

Ingvild Almas, Alexander W. Cappelen & Bertil Tungodden 

Cutthroat capitalism versus cuddly socialism: Are Americans more meritocratic and efficiencyseeking than Scandinavians?

Forthcoming Journal of Political Economy

Kjetil Bjorvatn, Alexander W. Cappelen, Linda Helgesson Sekei, Erik Ø. Sørensen & Bertil Tungodden.

Forthcoming Management Science

Alexander Cappelen, John List, Anya Samek & Bertil Tungodden

The Effect of Early Childhood Education on Social Preferences

Forthcoming Journal of Political Economy

Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon Dahl, Katrine Løken & Magne Mogstad

Incarceration, Recidivism, and Employment

Forthcoming Journal of Political Economy​