Development economics

Development economics

Ugandan children

Child care for childhood and business development

Project manager: Kjetil Bjorvatn
Project Period: 2018 - 2021

Can supporting pre-school education improve educational outcomes for the children and  business development for the mothers? These are the two key research questions in our project.

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New approaches to measuring inequality: From household decisions to global Comparisons

Project manager: INGVILD ALMÅS
Project Period: 2016 - 2020

The traditional approach to measuring economic inequality consists of selecting a measure of real income and representing its distribution using the Lorenz curve or a summary scalar index, such as the Gini. Real income is typically constructed by adjusting nominal income for purchasing power. The agenda for this project is to extend the traditional approach in three directions.

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temperature, Behavior and economic choices

Project manager: Ingvild Almås

We will do an experiment which aim is to study the causal effect of temperature on individual decision-making. Through a series of lab modules, we will study the causal effect of temperature on standard economic choices and cognitive performance. In particular, we will be testing the effect of temperature variation on productivity, cognitive ability, pro-social behaviour, trust, trustworthiness, cooperation, destruction, time preferences and risk preferences.

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