Macro, Risk and Sustainability Centre

We conduct macroeconomic studies of the linkages between the resource sectors and the overall economy, financial petroleum funds, and optimal fiscal policy strategies. We also work with resource economics, including microeconomic studies of the incentive structure within the resource businesses and the effect of regulations. A key feature of the overwhelming majority of this research is policy relevance.

Research projects

Oil and the economy

The centre undertakes research within several fields connected to natural resource management, climate change and development economics.

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When macro meets micro: Global challenges and heterogeneous responses in Norway

Macro-micro will analyse inequalities arising from business cycles and challenges to the sustainability of the welfare state and study the heterogeneous effects of macroeconomic policy in Norway, addressing business cycle conditions, the shift to a greener economy, and the management of the Government Pension Fund.


Tropical Deforestation

The Tropical Deforestation research projects contributes to the understanding of the effects of structural change and urbanisation on tropical deforestation.

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