Centre for Shipping and Logistics in the media

Centre for Shipping and Logistics in the media

Media contributions by researchers at Centre for Shipping and Logistics.


Ådland, Roar Os: IMO’s Annual Efficiency Ratio comes in for heavy criticism, Splash, 17.12.2021

Ådland, Roar OsExtreme Freight Rates Begin to Change Shippers' CalculationsThe Maritime Executive, 28.06.2021.

Ådland, Roar OsAnalysis: Water under the shipAl-Ahram Weekly, 30.03.2021


Ådland, Roar OsCarbon levy could more than double the price of traditional fuelShippingWatch, 11.12.2020

Braathen, ChristianWe researchers have to be more open (Vi forskere må bli mer åpne), forskning.no, 13.09.2020

Ådland, Roar Os, Vit Prochazka and Stein W. WallaceApplying AI to decision-making in shipping and commodities marketsAmerican Shipper, 27.08.2020

Ådland, Roar Os: The students who beat the cape marketsSplash, 24.06.2020

Ådland, Roar Os: Norwegian students make machine learning algorithm breakthrough, beating the cape markets by 10%Splash, 19.06.2020

Ådland, Roar Os: Research questions the validity of slow steaming’s green claimsSplash, 15.06.2020

Ådland, Roar OsA new robot may help keep ships’ bottoms clean, The Economist, 28.05.2020

Gu, Yewen: Doing something about the climate crisis (Alle snakkar om klimakrisa. Dette er forskarar som gjer noko med den), Bergens Tidende, 22.02.2020

Braathen, ChristianLeaders glorify selv-driven employees (Ledere glorifiserer selvdrevne ansatte), Dagens Næringsliv, 14.02.2020

Ådland, Roar OsPools resurface with shipping swimming in dataSplash, 23.01.2020


Ådland, Roar Os: Scrubbere forbys over hele verden, Kapital, 21.11.2019

Ådland, Roar OsShipping picked "the easiest possible benchmark" for its climate plan, ShippingWatch, 15.10.2019

Ådland, Roar OsSustained downturn threatens dry bulk with new recession, ShippingWatch, 06.02.2019


Ådland, Roar OsHow to handle blockchain going mainstream, Splash, 28.08.2018

Ådland, Roar OsOn scrubber and super profits, Splash, 06.07.2018


Ådland, Roar Os: Unmanned ships revisited, Forward with Toll, 23.05.2017

Ådland, Roar OsOn-demand container shipping, Splash, 23.05.2017

Ådland, Roar Os: Robotrucks versus short sea shipping, Splash, 12.05.2017

Ådland, Roar Os: Bitship: ship finance the digital era, Splash, 15.02.2017