NHH's Awards

NHH's Awards

NHH presents five awards: two research awards, two teaching awards and one dissemination award.


The faculty established the award in connection with NHH's 50th anniversary in 1986. 

The award honours outstanding research conducted over a long period. There is no sharp distinction between basic research and applied research, but the award places emphasis on recognising pure scientific effort.

The award is in the amount of NOK 50,000 and is presented every fifth year.


Ingvar Wedervang was the first rector of NHH. He would have been 100 in 1991, and in this context, the school wanted to established an award in his name for young researchers under the age of forty.

The award can be conferred to researchers, post doc researchers or assistant professors who have permanent positions at NHH, the Centre for Applied Research (SNF) or the Administrative Research Institute (AFF) for a scientific contribution in the past five years. Academic quality is the only criterion. A committee comprising the rector and three researchers in permanent positions considers the candidates.

The award is NOK 30,000 and is presented every fifth year.


This award is primarily intended to strengthen the quality of education at NHH. It is awarded every second year in connection with the matriculation of new students.

The award is based on an overall assessment of teaching effort in a broad sense, but with particular weight on the following criteria:

  • general teaching skills
  • lucidity and communication skills
  • the ability to create interest in the subject and motivate students to study
  • the ability to shed light on the subject matter from different perspectives
  • innovation and creativeness, including the development of new courses and programmes
  • the ability to relate the subject matter to other parts of the programme
  • the ability to cooperate on teaching work

The award was established in 1999 and is NOK 35,000 and a silk screen print.

  • Award recipients

    Award recipients

    • 2019: Trine Dahl
    • 2016: Victor D. Norman
    • 2014: Aasmund Eilifsen
    • 2013: Trond Bjørnenak
    • 2012: Iver Bragelien
    • 2011: Alexander Cappelen og Bertil Tungodden
    • 2010: Jan Ubøe
    • 2009: Lars Mathiesen
    • 2008: Thore Johnsen
    • 2007: Øystein Gjerde og Frode Sættem
    • 2006: Victor D. Norman
    • 2005: Kjetil Bjorvatn
    • 2004: Terje Hansen
    • 2003: Jørn Rognes og Vidar Schei
    • 2002: Rolf Jens Brunstad
    • 2001: Knut Boye
    • 2000: Atle Johnsen
    • 1999: Agnar Sandmo

The Award for Excellent Teaching Practitioner

The excellent teaching practitioner (ETP) status is granted based upon proven merit and commitment to teaching and educational excellence.

The ETP is independent of other academic promotion schemes, and the title ETP can only be awarded to people who develop their teaching competences systematically and over time to a level that is significantly higher than the required basic competence at Universities. Successful applicants receives a permanent salary rise.

  • Excellent teaching practitioner

    Excellent teaching practitioner


    • Alexander W. Cappelen
    • Jon Iden


    • Kjetil Bjorvatn
    • Iver Bragelien
    • Annelise Ly
    • Herbjørn Nysveen
    • Stig Tenold


    • Jan Ubøe


The award was established in connection with the 75th anniversary in 2011. Its purpose it to honour and stimulate excellent dissemination and communication of knowledge and insight in the area of economics and administration. The award is conferred on the basis of a broad definition of dissemination, but it must be of high quality both in form and content.

It can be awarded for individual performances or for efforts spanning over many years, and to both individuals and research groups/communities at NHH. The Research Committee (RC) appoints a jury to decide the winner. This comprises the chair of the RC, the head of communication, two scientific employees and one journalist.

The person or group that wins the award may stand out by having:

  • actively participated in improving dissemination work at NHH
  • communicated insight and work methods from the economic-administrative field of research to persons outside academia
  • been an agenda-setter in Norwegian or international public debate
  • used new tools or communication channels to reach new audiences
  • contributed to increasing interest in the economic-administrative field among the general public, the business sector or the public administration using scientific argumentation
  • a genuine interest in and willingness to disseminate knowledge and insight of their field to a wider audience

The award is presented every third year. The winner receives NOK 40,000 and a diploma.

NHH Mission Award

The NHH Mission Award is to be awarded to individuals, teams or groups (not entire departments, offices, sections or research centres) who have contributed to fulfilling NHH's Mission Statement; Together for sustainable value creation.

The Award is assigned for contribution within one or several of the following areas:  

  • Together = For excellent collaboration internally or in the relationship with external partners. 

  • Sustainable = For brilliant initiatives strengthening NHH's work with sustainability.  

  • Value Creation = For outstanding initiatives contributing to increase value creation at NHH or in society. 

The prize is NOK 25,000. If there are several prize winners, the prize is shared between the winners.