Lars Ivar Berge

The fact that my PhD had impact and directly influenced peoples’ lives made it even more rewarding.

Lars Ivar Berge

Lars Ivar Berge

With some difficulty I turned down some other interesting offers to become a research scholar at NHH.

  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • NHH PhD: 2006-2011 (Economics)
  • Field: Experimental economics, behavioral economics, entrepreneurship and firm growth
  • Current position: Associate Professor at the department of accounting, auditing and law at NHH


The first year with course work was challenging, yet inspiring, and motivated me to undertake a mainly empirical dissertation. Together with my supervisors, whom I’ve worked very closely with, I conducted a large field experiment in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, exploring the role of human and financial capital for business growth among small-scale micro-entrepreneurs.

My PhD studies has not only enhanced my “academic capital”, but also strongly improved my organizational and leadership skills, as I’ve been organizing several large field surveys and implemented a training program in an environment very different from the Norwegian one.

Apart from spending a lot of time in Tanzania, the Norwegian school of Economics also encouraged me to visit top universities in both Europe and in the US, which has been important for building an academic network.

My years as a research scholar therefore surely put me in a great position to continue pursuing my research agenda on entrepreneurship and microfinance in developing countries.

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