Motivates me to do my best

Motivates me to do my best

I wanted to pursue a career in academics and I felt that the PhD programme at NHH would provide me with the knowledge, skills and credentials necessary to be successful in this pursuit.

Cassandra Lee Torgnes

  • PhD Specialisation: Strategy and Management, started 2015.
  • PHD research topic: Strategic Human Capital.
  • Educational background: Juris Doctor degree from the University of British Columbia, graduated in 2011, MSc International Business from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, graduated in 2015.
  • Nationality: Canadian.

"My interest in business and economics began early on in my academic career. My interest continued to grow as I undertook business-oriented subjects during the course of my Juris Doctor degree and while working as junior lawyer at a large international law firm in Canada and in-house as a trainee in the tax/legal department at DOF Subsea AS in Bergen. More specifically, while working at the law firm, I became interested in, and gained insight into, both the economic challenges and advantages created by the strategic use of legal mechanisms.

Accordingly, during the course of my Master of Science degree at NHH, I sought out courses to acquire a greater understanding of corporate strategy.

Prior to applying to the PhD programme, I spoke with current and previous PhD research scholars at NHH. I was confident that the stimulating and collaborative research environment for PhD research scholars at NHH would be the perfect place for me to further explore my interest and gain more knowledge in corporate strategy. Furthermore, given NHH’s reputation for quality research both in Norway and abroad, I felt that a PhD from NHH would be an asset for further advancing my academic career.

Within the department of Strategy and Management, I am deeply immersed in the STOP Group (Center for Strategy, Organization and Performance). Being part of the STOP Group, I have abundant opportunities to test my ideas and get feedback and be part of collaborative projects. The support I get from my research group motivates me and drives me to do my best."