A global inspiration

A global inspiration

At NHH, PhD research scholars are immediately integrated to the staff and are treated as colleagues. PhDs obtain all the advising and financial support they need to reach their potential and make a positive impact in the 21st century.

Félix Morency-Lavoie

  • PhD Specialisation: Economics, started 2015.
  • PHD Research Topic: Resources, Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics.
  • Educational Background: MSc in energy, natural resources and environment from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, graduated 2015.
  • Nationality: Canadian.

"The Norwegian model is a global inspiration. I came to Bergen specifically to learn about the “Norwegian way” of sustainably managing natural resources. Former students and researchers from NHH have extensively contributed to build this model, and here is the opportunity to speak to them directly.

Part of the model’s success reside in the country very positive attitude and respect towards research. Scientific advisors are directly involved in the process of developing policies.  Since science is highly esteemed by society, researchers obtain all the resources they need. On every topic, Norwegian datasets are world’s famous for their quality.

Governmental agencies and private firms are very willing to share information as well as participate in research or education. Therefore, the research environment is very active, open, cooperative, and stimulating. Bergen is a research oriented-city and is home to several important research centres with excellent international connections.

My PhD project focuses on fisheries and aquaculture, and luckily, Bergen is among the greatest hubs for marine research in the world. I like to say that the city punches above its weight in science and in culture.

The artistic scene in Bergen is much more active than other cities of comparable size. Indeed, there are several high caliber cinematographic and music festivals where you can actually speak directly to the artists because it is an intimate setting. When you need a break, nature and mountains are readily available in walking distance."

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