Giovanni Bruno

The conditions at NHH are in perfect alignment with my needs as a PhD scholar.

Giovanni Bruno

Giovanni Bruno

After two years in the banking sector in Italy (in Milan), I realized that I wanted to deepen my understanding of financial economics, and the only way was to proceed with doctoral studies in finance. economics.

PhD specialisation: Finance, started 2014
PHD research topic: Asset Pricing, Derivatives and Risk Management
Educational background: MSc Finance, LUISS Rome, 2012 / BSc Economics, Universita Degli Studi Federico di Napoli, 2010
Nationality: Italian

My decision to go for a PhD was highly affected by my experience and willingness to expand my knowledge in the area of financial economics. 

As a PhD research scholar, I am happy to have the possibility to choose projects of my own interest and to get the opportunity to talk with smart professors, who guide and help me through the process.

 I gain a constant feeling of improving my knowledge and developing new skills. I feel that asking myself new questions and investigating them, I continuously enhance my understanding of topics in finance. Working with professors with high standard push me to cross my boarders and extract the best possible outcome from my research. I found that the teaching activity at the department is very rewarding, especially when I meet the younger students, who makes me appreciate the value of my work even more.

My experience in Norway has been amazing. Locals are very polite and pleasant, and I like to spend my spare time enjoying the wonderful nature that this country offers.

The conditions at NHH are in perfect alignment with my needs as a PhD scholar. I think that the programme offers a high academic standard and gives great opportunities for stays abroad through a wide international network. The funding conditions are good and there are plenty of resources available, like data for my research.

Based on my experience, I would certainly recommend the PhD programme at NHH to people who have a desire to deepen their understanding of finance.

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