Grete Helle

Life as a PhD research scholar at NHH covers a range of opportunities and stimulating challenges.

Grete Helle

Grete Helle

When I completed my MSc education, I spent a lot of time contemplating which type of job I desired, and which work characteristics that I found most important.

PhD Specialisation: Accounting, Auditing, and Law, started 2015
PHD Research Topic: Management Accounting and Control (The Action Project)
Educational Background: MSc in business and administration from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, graduated 2015
Nationality: Norwegian

If I could choose freely, I wanted to work with management control systems, especially systems founded on the principles of Beyond Budgeting. However, people working with management control systems are typically experienced professionals of various backgrounds. Going into a consultancy firm could give me the opportunity to get the relevant experience, but it would be a road prone to coincidences with no guarantee. I opened my process of thought to include doing a PhD on my specific field of interest and the alternatives quickly faded.

I gain relevant experience and develop a unique competence on my chosen topic. I work closely with the industry and aim at connecting industry more tightly with research, by addressing issues through established theoretical lenses. Companies in the region around Bergen are receptive to researchers, welcoming new ideas and topics. I am confident that the PhD will serve as my ticket to  the future career that I desire.

While my motivation for proceeding to the PhD level is to develop unique competence for the purpose of application, a doctoral degree also opens the possibility for an academic career.

Life as a PhD research scholar at NHH covers a range of opportunities and stimulating challenges. I am shaping my own project, learning about practice through fieldwork, and I am delving into theoretical discussions with colleagues and supervisors. The school facilitates a supportive and inspirational environment, including experienced supervisors and staff, who involve themselves in the work of the PhD research scholars. The school hosts a great variety of interesting PhD courses, and there are funding opportunities to attend conferences around the world, where top researchers in your field are present.

The school collaborates closely with other esteemed research institutions and emphasise the need to participate at conferences and seminars internationally. I get the opportunity to update on what is happening in my research community and it is a perfect way of gaining acquaintances with researchers in my field. All is in place to facilitate the best environment to develop your own voice and to contribute in a vast research community.

By doing a PhD in Norway and Bergen you form part of the Scandinavian and European research community.

I would definitely recommend the programme to others. It gives you a unique opportunity to explore, understand and contribute to a research field, which opens the doors for both careers in academia or industry. 

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